Anna G Corkscrew Galla Placidia


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‌The Alessi Anna G Corkscrew Galla Placidia takes Alessi’s most famous pair of corkscrews and clothes it in an artistic interpration inspired by Italian history. Designed with bright and bold colours and geometric shapes, the clothing of this corkscrew takes inspiration from the lights, colours, and mosaic vaults of Ravenna’s mausoleum that is dedicated to the Roman empress Galla Placidia. The play of geometries with vivid tones results in an artful design that will surely captivate any looker. Also easy to use, this accessory simply requires you to place the corkscrew on your bottleneck, screw-in the corkscrew, and then lower the levers to pop the cork off your bottle. ‌


  • Measures 7 x 7 x 25cm
  • Easy to use
  • Designed with bold and daring colours and shapes inspired by history 
  • Limited edition and part of Alessi’s 100th anniversary range, the Values Collection


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