Annicke #5 Eau De Parfum- 100ml


Refined, elegant and very feminine… a perfume creation as precious as Annicke, the beautiful young Austrian woman who captured Eight & Bob founder’s Albert Fouquet heart in 1936. Each time they would meet again in Vienna, Monsieur Fouguet would gift his beloved Annicke with a different fragrance… a new aromatic gem for her growing collection. She was amazed by the scents as were her acquaintances, creating an irresistible interest around the young perfumer. Fragrances that delighted and fascinated her, always the most exquisite combinations of scents. And now, many years later, Eight & Bob produces the same scents for women who, like Annicke, are captivated by the exclusivity of this unique fragrance Eau de Parfum collection. Annicke #5 is warm, elegant and mysterious. A heady floriental fragrance starring liquorous accents of rhum together with a golden nectar of delicious honey. An unexpected and intense scent that leaves behind a sensual
oriental trace. Made in Spain. 100ml

Top Notes: Bergamot, lily of the valley, rhum
Heart Notes: Honey, plum, ambre 84 DL
Base Notes: Vanilla, caramel, patchouli