Cafesolo Coffee Maker- Black Woven


Dimensions: diameter 12.2 | 13 x 13 x 20 cm high | 1 litre
Material: borosilicate glass | silicone | stainless steel
Colour: black

Nothing beats freshly brewed coffee! The classic, 100% drip-free CafeSolo coffee-maker has a glass jug with a built-in filter and a woven neoprene cover for keeping the coffee hot.
A simple brewing method that brings the best out of your coffee beans. Keeps the coffee hot thanks to the insulating cover. The coffeemaker features a drip-free pouring lip. The flip-top lid opens automatically when pouring and the coffee maker is dishwasher-proof. Cover should be hand washed.

– 100% drip-free
– Neoprene cover keeps the coffee hot
– Dishwasher-safe

Delicious coffee and beautiful presentation usually go hand in hand! Eva Solo has perfected this combination so you can serve well-brewed coffee in an elegant way to your guests, family – or just for yourself. Their coffee makers get the best out of the coffee beans and aroma – especially if you grind the beans yourself before brewing your coffee. It’s true that making regular filter coffee on a machine is less work – but with their range they guarantee unrivalled taste when you brew your coffee the traditional way.

The Cafe Solo coffee maker allows for the same traditional brewing method, bringing the best aroma and flavour out of the beans. The glass jug is kept warm by an insulating neoprene cover, and the filter has an inbuilt, drip-free pouring lip which you may recognise from several of Eva Solo’s other products. The classic Eva Solo design unites sleek, modern forms with user-friendly functions. The Cafe Solo coffee maker will also fit in well with your preferred decor and tableware, as the insulating cover is available in different colours.

Do you like to savour a good cup of coffee? Then Eva Solo’s coffee maker might quickly become an indispensable part of your table setting in the morning, afternoon and evening. Their modern coffee makers renew the traditional brewing method while still retaining what matters – the taste. Brew the perfect cup of coffee and enjoy it in comfort before you go to work or while relaxing in the evening. Complement it with Eva Solo’s elegant porcelain coffee tumblers, which have a silicone grip that keeps the coffee warm. If you’re busy, you can always pour the coffee into a to-go cup and bring it with you – it won’t change the good flavour.

Country of brand: Denmark