Cheese & Wine Multi Tool


Ever been lost for a wine opener? Or a knife to cut the cheese on a camping trip or picnic at the beach? If you know what that’s like then you are going to love this multi-function tool.


We all know about a man’s love for his tools, whether we know what they are for or not. We do know however that this Gentleman’s Hardware Cheese & Wine Multi-Tool will come in very handy indeed.

This stainless steel tool comes with 8 functions and includes four cheese blades, a can opener, fork, corkscrew and bottle opener. Just what every camping trip and picnic needs, extra handy to have at a barbie too

Measuring just 3x11x3.5 cm it folds neatly away into a black handle with grey flecks. Easy to carry to any event, never let the wine uncorked again