Chirp Alarm Clock Wake Up Light- White Gold



Alarm clock with a difference.

Daqi Chirp guides your transition from peaceful sleep to peaceful awakening. It cleverly imitates sunrise with the intensity of light gradually increasing 20 minutes before the alarm sounds.

The soft morning light encourages a state of serenity. The second element that follows are the sounds of nature that define the audio function.

This will be triggered by the selected alarm time. The result is a daily waking-up ritual that is naturally non-intrusive and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing.

Like a messenger of nature DAQICONCEPT CHIRP brings nature sound inside your intimate environment. By playing DAQICONCEPT CHIRP you feel like being in a scenic environment surrounded by trees, bird chirp, floating water or blossoming flowers. Help yourself to hold the balance and let your mind relax.


– Bird singing alarm clock
– Wake-up light that steadily brightens 20 minutes before the alarm sounds
– Cuckoo clock
– Tells the time with cuckoo sounds every hour and half-hour
– One-Touch sync via audio transmission that allows easy set up and extend sounds contents
– Nature sounds player
– Also controlled by mobile phone app.

Material: Porcelain bird cover/ marble base / metal / plastic.


Width: 9.1cm


Length: 9.1cm


Height: 21cm