Clear Quartz & Stainless Steel Crystal Water Bottle



Miijo Crystal bottles with a sleek stainless steel lid & base for a sharp, polished look. With a sophisticated feel, this bottle is a awesome companion to your next business meeting or conference.

Drink water energised by crystals everyday and improve your Miijo. Set your intentions and remind yourself of them every single sip. The universe will listen.

Miijo is a great gift for that someone special in your life, or the hard to buy for person who “has everything”. Unique gift for your wedding party, girl squad, birthday, anniversary or just because…

Balance. Inspiration. Creativity
Know as the “Master Healer” because of its ability to magnify the positive vibrations of other crystals. Clear quartz clears negativity from your thoughts, creating space in your mind for creativity & higher wisdom, amplifying energy & thought.
Attract balance to your body & enhance higher spiritual receptiveness.
Enhance your Miijo, by enjoying your life source energised by Clear Quartz
The Nitty Gritty:

Miijo Crystal water bottles are approximately 550ml. As crystals are a natural product and each crystal may be a slightly different size and take up more or less room in the bottle.

Our bottles are Borosilicate glass, which is less subject to thermal stress then other glasses.  The lid and base is made of either stainless steel, or sustainable bamboo.  The crystal is held in place with stainless wire.  The crystal is natural gemstone. Crystals are a natural resource and colours vary.


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