Cico Eggcup Pink


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Cico’s your ideal breakfast companion. He may look little, but he hides plenty of surprises. Take off Cico’s cap and he becomes an eggcup…but you’ve never met an eggcup with quite as much attitude as Cico! His cap is a mini salt shaker and he’s always holding his matching spoon for you. Whenever you feel like breakfast, Cico’s always ready to go. He’s all you need to start your day off with a boiled egg…and a smile.

Cico Egg Cup features:

  • Designed in Italy by Stefano Giovannoni. 
  • Made from thermoplastic resin.
  • Cap doubles as a mini salt shaker.
  • Spoon included.
  • Hand wash recommended.

Colour: Pink
Total Height: 12cm


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