Greeting Cards



Hand illustrated cards Melbourne made, printed and designed.
Design imagined by artist Emily May

  • Bespoke quality and beautifully textured paper shows them you care.

  • Cards are blank inside leaving space for wonderfully thoughtful messages.

  • 100% Recycled Kraft envelope included.

  • Printed locally on FSC certified partially recycled paper to be kinder to our planet.

card size: 11.4cm x 16.2cm

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Alice and the Rose – Greeting Card, All of my Love – Loving Card, Amazing – Greeting Card, Baby Carousel – Greeting Card, Baby Inside You – Greeting Card, Baby Parachutes – Greeting Card, Birthday Book – Birthday Card, Birthday Elephant – Birthday Card, Birthday Fish – Birthday Card, Birthday Giraffe – Birthday Card, Birthday Octopus – Birthday Card, Birthday Turtle – Birthday Card, Birthday Type – Birthday Card, Birthday Whale – Birthday Card, Bon Voyage – Greeting Card, Box of Chocolates – Valentine's Day Card, Cake Delivery – Greeting Card, Cat in a Balloon – Birthday Card, Cockatoos and Cake – Australian Birthday Card, Colouring Echidna – Australian Birthday Card, Congratulations Champagne Party – Greeting Card, Congratulations Engagement – Engagement Card, Congratulations in the Clouds – Greeting Card, Congratulations Love Tree – Congratulations Weddin, Cookies for Santa – Christmas Card, Cupcake Burglars – Greeting Card, Cupcake Carnival – Greeting Card, Cupcake Climbers – Greeting Card, Cupcake Garden – Greeting Card, Cupcake Seaside – Greeting Card, Cupcake Spaceman – Greeting Card, Dad Sized Coffee – Father's Day Card, Dancing in Balloons – Greeting Card, Door to my Heart – Loving Card, Eighteenth Birthday Cake – 18th Birthday Card, Eighteenth Drinks – 18th Birthday Card, Eightieth Birthday Cake – 80th Birthday Card, Emu with a Baby – Greeting Card, Engagement Florals – Engagement Card, Father's Day Lion – Father's Day Card, Father's Day Type – Father's Day Card, Feel Better – Greeting Card, Fiftieth Birthday Cake – 50th Birthday Card, Flying Fish – Greeting Card, Fortieth Birthday Cake – 40th Birthday Card, Gift Basket on a Boat – Greeting Card, Gin Party – Greeting Card, Good Beer – Greeting Card, Good Luck – Greeting Card, Good Luck on your Next Endeavour – Greeting Card, Gramophone – Greeting Card, Happy Birthday Spots – Birthday Card, Happy Birthday Spots and Crosses – Birthday Card, Happy Cake Day – Birthday Card, Heart Candy – Valentine's Day Card, Heart of Flowers – Loving Card, Home on a Bicycle – Greeting Card, House with Flowers – Greeting Card, I Love You More Than Cheese – Loving Card, I Love You More Than Chocolate – Loving Card, I Love You More Than Coffee – Loving Card, I Love You More Than Ice Cream – Loving Card, I Love You Mum – Mother's Day Card, I'm Here for You – Greeting Card, Ice Cream Climbers – Greeting Card, Ice Cream Date – Loving Card, Ice Cream with a View – Greeting Card, Koala Cupcake – Australian Birthday Card, Koala Dad – Father's Day Card, Koala Love – Loving Card, Let it Snow – Christmas Card, Letter for Dad – Father's Day Card, Letter for Mum – Mother's Day Card, Letter to Santa – Christmas Card, LOVE – Loving Card, Love Heart Hot Air Balloon – Loving Card, Merci – French Thank You Card, Mother's Day Heart – Mother's Day Card, Mother's Day Type – Mother's Day Card, Mother's Day Wreath – Mother's Day Card, Mum Sized Coffee – Greeting Card, Mum Sized Wine – Greeting Card, Mum Typewriter – Mother's Day Card, Mum Wine – Mother's Day Card, New Adventure – Greeting Card, New Home – Greeting Card, Number Eight – 8th Birthday Card, Number Eleven – 11th Birthday Card, Number Five – 5th Birthday Card, Number Four – 4th Birthday Card, Number Nine – 9th Birthday Card, Number Seven – 7th Birthday Card, Number Six – 6th Birthday Card, Number Ten – 10th Birthday Card, Number Thirteen – 13th Birthday Card, Number Three – 3rd Birthday Card, Number Twelve – 12th Birthday Card, Number Two – 2nd Birthday Card, One Birthday Cake – 1st Birthday Card, Penguin Love – Loving Card, Platypus Birthday – Australian Birthday Card, Platypus Mum – Australian Mother's Day Card, Room for You – Loving Card, Santa Claus Cupcake – Christmas Card, Santa's Workshop – Christmas Card, Sausage Dog Birthday – Birthday Card, Seasons Greetings – Christmas Card, Seventieth Birthday Cake – 70th Birthday Card, Ship in a Bottle – Greeting Card, Shrimp Cocktail – Greeting Card, Sixtieth Birthday Cake – 60th Birthday Card, Stack of Gifts – Birthday Card, Super Mum – Australian Mother's Day Card, Teacup Canberra – Greeting Card, Teacup Great Ocean – Greeting Card, Teacup of Melbourne – Greeting Card, Teacup of N.T – Greeting Card, Teacup of Queensland – Greeting Card, Teacup of Sydney – Greeting Card, Teacup of Tassie – Greeting Card, Teacup of W.A – Greeting Card, Thank God for Mum – Mother's Day Card, Thank You Daisies – Thank You Greeting Card, Thank You Letter – Thank You Greeting Card, Thanks for Getting Me Through – Thank You Greeting, Thanks Hanging Plants – Thank You Greeting Card, Thanks Koala – Australian Greeting Card, Thanks Patterns – Thank You Greeting Card, The Adventure Begins – Greeting Card, The Bear who Loves Cake – Birthday Card, The Man who Lived in a Balloon – Greeting Card, Thinking of You – Greeting Card, Thirtieth Birthday Cake – 30th Birthday Card, Thirtieth Birthday Plant – 30th Birthday Card, Tree in a Teacup – Greeting Card, Twenty-First Birthday Cake – 21st Birthday Card, Twenty-One Champagne – 21st Birthday Card, Valentine's Day Wombat – Valentine's Day Card, Wedding Cake Bride & Groom – Congratulations Weddi, Wedding Champagne – Congratulations Wedding Card, Wedding Keepsakes – Congratulations Wedding Card, Wedding Swallows – Congratulations WeddingCard, Whisky O'Clock – Greeting Card, Wine Time – Greeting Card, Wonderful Dad – Father's Day Card, Wonderful Time of the Year – Christmas Card, You are Amazing Dad – Father's Day Card, You are Amazing Mum – Mother's Day Card, You Are Here – Loving Card, You are Pretty Much Perfect – Loving Card, You Are The Best Dad – Father's Day Card, You Are The Very Best Mum Ever – Mother's Day Card


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