L’oiseau Bleu Jingoo Birdcage Speaker Light


L’oiseau Bleu: From the French fairy tale, the blue bird’s story is one of a pursuit for bliss and happiness. It sings a joyous song for you regardless of the changing seasons.

There are talking parrots and then there’s this Jingoo bird who plays your entire music library. Handmade from premium ceramic by Taiwanese artisans, this minimalist bird-shaped Bluetooth speaker and ambient light lives inside a metal cage. The combined sound waves from the tweeter in the body and the low-frequency woofer under the tail create a wide stereo effect. The light provides three levels of brightness. Perfect for garden parties and indoor mood setting. Solid walnut wood base.
As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, we begin to have a more personal relationship with it. The JinGoo — the name refers the singing of orioles in ancient Chinese poems — plays on the idea of having a songbird as a pet without caging an animal. Taipei-based designers Sean Chen and Lotta Tu funded their creation on Indiegogo to bring a modern reimagining of traditional Chinese craft to the world.
  • Designer
    Sean Chen and Lotta Tu
  • Size
    11h x 7″diam.
  • Materials
  • Year of Design
  • Origin
    Taiwan, Republic of China
  • Features
    Bluetooth and Light


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