Lychee Martini Cocktail Mixer – 10 Serves


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You’ve been asking for a Lychee Martini in every survey we have done – and we’ve finally nailed the recipe to perfection!

Tastes like Summer, feels like a day surrounded by all your besties, and looks boujie AF in that glass!

Now for the tasting information:

Showcasing the tropical sweetness of the Lychee – with its delicately floral character that draws flavour comparisons with ripe pears – our Lychee Martini is light and fresh and elegantly balanced with the subtle tartness of green apple and the tang of lemon.

Sweet and juicy with a natural acidity by the nature of the fruit, this cocktail is balanced to appease a broad range of palates and is equally at home on a sun-drenched afternoon as it is an after dinner sip.


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