SpreadTHAT! II Butter Knife Smart Heat Transfer- Black


Spread cold hard butter with unprecedented smoothness and ease!

Great butter needs refrigeration to stay fresh, but spreading rock-hard butter is like an exercise in frustration! SpreadTHAT! uses heat transfer technology to scrape and spread cold, solid butter with amazing ease.

✔︎ Highly thermal conductive alloy transfers body heat from your hand naturally and gives frozen butter an easy spread
✔︎ Rounded unibody handle and blade, simple elegance, at its best
✔︎ No electricity or batteries required
✔︎ PVD nanoparticle coating
✔︎ Dimension: 23.5 x 4 x 3 cm

Please note:
✔︎ This product is suitable for dishwasher. Please do not touch it before temperature cooling down in case of getting scalded.
✔︎ Please do not place with other steel cutlery in case of being collided and scratched.
✔︎ Microwave and oven use are strictly prohibited. When using this product, please keep it away from fire or high temperature to avoid harming body.