Stripesol Parasol With Black Stand



You are definitely summer proof with Stripesol in your garden or on your terrace. This over-sized parasol features a hot design that will make you feel really cool. An iconic red Fatboy flag is located on top, showing which way the wind is blowing. Good to know when you fire on the BBQ and you don’t want to be smoked out of your comfy deck chair. The Stripesol umbrella comes in 6 colors and reaches up to 11.5 feet in width. Not even the strongest and toughest sunbeam will dare to touch you. Thanks to the convenient pulley mechanism Stripesol unfolds in an instant. This way you can start playing ‘hide and seek’ with the sun right away. Done playing? Zip up the cover to protect it against rain. Stripesol finds a firm fit on a Fatboy parasol base.

Dimensions: 110″ x 138″ (HxW)

Weight: 29 lbs.

Material: Metal frame with polyester parasol cloth.



Fatboy Parasolasido, Bouqetteketet, and Stripesol parasol base.

Dimensions: 2in. x 28in. (HxW)

Weight: 55 lbs.

Material: Steel.


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