The P-51-02


The P-51 Collection is a mechanical timepiece. The dial is cut directly from a classic, salvaged Mustang meaning every single timepiece is visibly unique and born with a story.

REC Watches and it’s products are not in any way associated or supported by Ford Motor Company or any of its affiliates.


The P-51 has more than 50 years of history captivated in one watch. Paying tribute to the Ford Mustang’s of the 1960’s, the P-51 dial is made from vintage Mustang parts and has several design references to the iconic muscle car.


The two founders of REC watches are as much car fanatics as they are watch fanatics. This is why no car was harmed in the salvaging process. REC Watches only use cars that are beyond repair.


The 9130 automatic movement in the P-51 is delivered by the world-renowned company, Miyota. With a power reserve of 48 hours you will most definitely never run out of gas.


In 1964 Ford launched a new age of American sports cars: The Ford Mustang. Although viewed by many as the “original” Muscle Car, the Mustang didn´t start out as one. Lee Iacocca, Vice President of Ford at the time, wanted to give the American market a car which weighed under 2.500 lbs. priced at under $2.500.

The very same day the Mustang was introduced in 1964, Ford dealerships sold a record-breaking 22.000 Mustangs. The Mustang was an instant hit, and Ford sold more than 400.000 Mustangs in their very first year of production, making the Mustang an indisputable success.

In 1967 the Mustang received a major facelift with the introduction of the new ´67 Fastback, regarded by many as one of the finest looking American sports cars ever made. And if the legacy-of-cool was not already apparent to everyone, it was further cemented in 1968 with the release of the iconic “Bullitt” film, featuring Steve McQueen blazing a ´68 Fastback through the steep streets of San Francisco.

Still, after a tumultuous period including numerous radical design changes to the Mustang during the 70s, 80s and 90s, it was not until 2005 that Ford would go back to the roots of the original Mustang design. The new S197 design was a direct testament to the classic 60s Mustang, and this highly popular throwback styling has defined the modern Mustang ever since.



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