Vase – Summer Medium Gold


Over a year ago whilst having lunch with Rob and Gretel from Fink I noticed a small round green vase at their place and wondered why I’d never seen it. It turned out that this piece was done for a corporate client many years back and had never been in production. I’m always hassling Rob & Gretel for more products and that moment was the conception of the 4 Seasons vases (which don’t look much at all like that original vase!).

Fink have released many products over the years but because of how simple these vases are and how well they work next to each other I think this is my favourite since the jug.

The four seasons vases come in three heights and four seasons (Spring – apple green, Summer – gold, Autumn – copper and Winter – charcoal) making 12 variations. As single pieces, as a pair or as a cluster they are a beautifully functional, minimalist piece.

Material: Anodised aluminium
Height: 24cm
Base: 12.5cm x 7.5cm
N.B.: Handwash only – NOT dishwasher safe


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