Wine Cooler Stand + Bolly Wine Cooler Bucket

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Designer: Jasper Morrison


After the “Bolly” wine cooler (2003), a new item joined the family designed by Morrison. It thus continue our product range in an area that fascinates us: model that cross over from catering objects to those for private use. Designed based on specific briefings from restaurateurs, this item has often become home and gift item – precisely because of its professional features.

Dimensions: H 63cm
Diameter: 28.00cm


Designer: Jasper Morrison


“Bolly”, the wine cooler designed by Jasper Morrison, was developed in collaboration with the well-known French champagne producer, Bollinger of Ay, and is an addition to the family of objects created by our favorite British designer.

Dimensions: H 22.5cm
Diameter: 22.00cm
Capacity: 360cl

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