Wine Preserver Gas


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If Australia is known for anything, it’s our delicious wine. We enjoy a smooth glass of shiraz more than most, which is why we think it’s important to get the most out of each and every bottle.

With the Private Preserve’s Wine Preserver you can enjoy every last drop of wine from the bottle. The lightweight canister is filled with a blend of pure nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon, which are all harmless gases found in our atmosphere, and is designed to protect the freshness and flavour of your wine, as well as scotch, bourbon, olive oil, vinegar, and herbs and spices for days and even years!

Simply insert the included extension tube down into the neck of your bottle or decanter and seal the opening, then spray the gas to blanket the surface of your wine. The gas will save your wine without stripping out the bouquet, which is essential to the taste, so you can enjoy the full flavour of your wine even after the bottle has been opened.


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